SESG ("Sustainable Enterprise Solution Global"), is a Hong Kong-based business consultancy services provider. We promote family and corporate growth, governance and sustainability through comprehensive risk mitigation and transfer solutions.
At SESG, we embrace sustainability which we believe is the most important element to creating long-term value for





We encounter risk at every step of our journey as our families and businesses grow over time. We must recognize the importance of proactive risk management and healthy growth - that is not only profitable, but also sustainable. This can be achieved by developing a family entrepreneur mindset. We assist enterprising families in taking a long-term business view and planning ahead to protect their family reputation, business and legacy through sound risk management, corporate and family governance strategies.
  • Business: Sustainability and Continuity
  • Family: Legacy Planning
We offer a range of professional services and sustainable solutions:
  • Risk management: Proper risk mitigation and transfer strategies and tools
  • Training for business sustainability and family legacy
  • Enterprise growth and financing consultancy