It is essential to plan and secure your financial commitment to the family in the event of loss of life or earning capability.

Your financial commitment may comprise a consensus of family values as well as life targets of your loved ones, each giving rise to future expenses which may be:

  1. one-time on a future date;
  2. at regular intervals;
  3. forever

Income Protection (One Time)
Life insurance: One time compensation for loss of life, usually based on a multiple of your annual income.
Critical illness insurance: Coverage for maintaining your living standard in the event of major illnesses such as cancer, strokes etc., usually based on a multiple of your annual income as well.

Retirement (at Regular Intervals)
Annuity: Usually a combination of lifetime guaranteed / non-guaranteed regular (monthly or annual) income until death or certain age. These are often funded years in advance, either in a lump sum or a series of regular payments.

Family Security (Forever)
Trust & Insurance: Making use of jumbo life coverage and an appropriate trust structure, you may give instructions to your trustee to honour your on-going financial commitments to multiple generations