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What is an Enterprising Family?

  • An enterprising family is one that owns and operates multiple businesses.
  • It looks after all aspects of both the family and its business ventures, covering entrepreneurship, investment, philanthropy, relationships, succession and community impact.
  • A Sustainable Enterprising Family should have the foundation of
    1. Family constitution;
    2. Family Governance;
    3. Family Unity;
    4. Corporate Governance;
    5. Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Identify opportunity & risk
  • Maintain sophisticated investment portfolios

Family Constitution

Family constitution governs how committees are organized to manage the endowment of the family. It may cover such aspects as investment mandate, distributions to members, and provisions for future expenses such as education and philanthropy.

By partnering with industry experts, we consult clients on adopting a constitutional framework designed to last for generation, as well as specific mechanism which suits the best practice in the market as well as the client particular circumstances at the moment.

Family Governance

Similar to corporations, it is advisable that families with a substantial endowment adopt a system of clear delineation of roles, responsibilities and accountability. At SESG, we guide our clients in identifying the overall principles, the stakeholders and their expectations, as well as the corresponding rules and restraints on the powers of those entrusted with managing the family wealth across generations.

Family Unity

  • Develop a family culture based on shared values
  • Respect the family's history and guiding principles

Leadership & Learning

  • Cultivate every family member as a leader across the branches
  • Make a commitment to shared family learning program
  • Conduct skills inventories and identify missing skills to be developed
  • Formalize an objective leadership selection process

Corporate Governance

Vision, Goal & Strategy

  • Create a shared vision for the future of the enterprise
  • Develop key goals and strategies that owners will support
  • Conduct periodic scenario planning and revisit to refine on an ongoing basis

Risk Management

  • Identify driving forces (opportunities) and key uncertainties (risks)
  • Establish a risk process to mitigate and manage enterprise risks
  • Recognize and address disruptions that will impact future vision

On-going Feedback & Monitoring

  • Develop current and future scenarios to explore alternatives
  • Measure owner’s satisfaction with the strategies and outcome